Zambia Convoy Update – David Scott (Chairman)

Three weeks to go and most of the accomodation is confirmed (some hotel but mainly at remote straw hunting lodges). A small hitch at Livingstone is that two people may have to sleep elsewhere, but return for meals to the islands hotel. Seems that everyone has had their vaccinations without ill-effect. The 40′ shipping container sent in April has travelled from the port at Dar es Salaam and reached the Tanzania/Zambia border where it can be held up for three weeks if the paperwork is incorrect. Fingers crossed –  because this contains all the football posts and the items for seven of the schools we are to visit.  Isaac is on the case! An order has been placed for the cement and river sand needed for the foundations for the goalposts for Colts To Africa, in Nyimba. Very sad to hear of the death of our wise friend Chief Ndake of Nyimba.

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