The National Police Aid Convoys commenced their work in 1993 when a group of police officers used their influence, networks and negotiating skills to procure and then deliver huge amounts of humanitarian aid to the nightmarish refugee camps in Yugoslavia – to places that other NGOs couldn’t reach.

We are now an enthusiastic and experienced group of people from all walks of life who successfully use that same bit of influence to deliver development aid to Russia, Albania, Zambia, Pakistan, Ghana, Rwanda and Bulgaria.

War Zone Yugoslavia, 1994 Albania, 1999 Zambia, 2007

We will always welcome help, whatever your skills or however much time you can give. We need collectors, packers, sorters, drivers, administrators and telephone canvassers!

  • National Police Aid Convoys

    This is the update blog from NPAC - delivering development aid since 1993. For a summary of what we do, have a look at our home page.