Schools, hospitals and clinics

Outside of natural and man-made disaster response, the simple human right of access to basic education and healthcare at at the forefront of most of our work.

Schools and communities all over the world have benefitted from the excess and redundant UK equipment that NPAC are trusted to fix, clean and deliver.

They welcome approches from communities anywhere in the world who match their simple criteria of needing it, and showing that they are trying to help themselves.


Special projects

  1. Wedding dresses
  2. Sanitary pad project 



    Cinderella / Sunflower Project

A magical wedding dress project uses once-worn, end of line, sample and donated wedding dresses from the UK to inspire and attract girls in poor countries to salons and schools and shops where they might be educated and perhaps learn a skill if they can see, touch or even work on a dress.

The salons and workshops provide inspirational work for many people, but the opportunity for education, hygiene and health care, an income and empowerment are the motivation.

In order to make it sustainable  we also send four sewing machines (old manual ones if possible) and haberdashery items and teach them how to ‘make do and mend’, eventually leading to advanced skills.


2) Sanitary Towel – Pad Project

Many girls in rural Africa stop schooling around aged thirteen, or when their periods start. Some don’t return, some miss a week every month, others have babies, move home and never return to education.  Education about menstruation, contraception and hygiene is very poor.   Primitive forms of sanitary protection are inneffective and a cause of embarrassment and often infection.

New washable materials and a few sewing machines from us, some education and support can set up a cottage industry for production, and give the girls equal opportunity and freedom.




  • National Police Aid Convoys

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